The mission of the Centre for Cogniton, Computation and Modelling is to provide a focal point for computational models and methods in the study of cognition. Main areas of research are: connectionist modeling and development (Thomas, Mareschal), reasoning and argumentation, with an emphasis on Bayesian models (Oaksford, Hahn), and cognitive architectures (Davelaar, Cooper), perception and attention (M. Smith, T.J. Smith). But there are many, other ongoing research projects spanning the genetic level, through to high-level cognitive tasks such as judgment and decision-making.

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Postgraduate Research

The CCCM provides a vibrant, intellectually stimulating and well-resourced environment for postgraduate research, with the possibility of combining modelling with both experimental research and neuro-imaging. Students wishing to join the Centre should in the first instance contact potential supervisors. Depending on interests and topic, students may be supervised by researchers not just from staff based in Birkbeck’s Department of Psychological Sciences, but also the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. For further information, please follow the links below:

Centre for Cognition, Computation and Modelling